Old Puerto Aventuras, Riviera Maya

The old Puerto Aventuras is so charming! This is how¬†our dear community used to look like many years ago. We’ve been here since the beginning and we’re so honored to see how Puerto has grown in every way. Puerto enchanted us with its white, sandy beaches. We couldn’t help but to lay there and enjoyContinue reading “Old Puerto Aventuras, Riviera Maya”

A Change In The Air: Dia de Muertos is Coming

After the heavy summer sun and the high temperatures, we feel a change in the air. It is the “aire de finados”, like the old Mayans say, the “air of the dead”. This is not a deadly scent. It is just a sign that the Day of the Dead is near to come. This is theContinue reading “A Change In The Air: Dia de Muertos is Coming”

The Astonishing Mysticism of the Ancient Tulum

The Ancient Tulum is one of the most beautiful among the Mayan cities placed all across the Yucatan Peninsula.Its location is priviledged since it has direct views to the Mexican Caribbean, from a high spot.Mayans trully knew what a great beachfront property means! LOL! History and Legend of Ancient Tulum Tulum was an important centerContinue reading “The Astonishing Mysticism of the Ancient Tulum”