Playa del Carmen

Understanding local conditions in Playa del Carmen is important when it comes to buying and selling real estate, but the neighborhood you choose can have a dramatic impact on all other aspects of your life as well.

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What’s New in Playa del Carmen

inapam playa del carmen

Where To Get The INAPAM Card In Playa del Carmen

Wondering how and where get your INAPAM card in Playa del Carmen? If you’re a permanent resident in Mexico and you’re 60 years old or older, you can apply to the program. With the card, individuals get discounts on many services and products throughout Mexico. There is no cost and it takes only a fewContinue reading “Where To Get The INAPAM Card In Playa del Carmen”

Playa del Carmen & Puerto Aventuras Reactivate After COVID-19 Lockdown

After the announcement of the change to the orange color of the epidemiological traffic light, which implies the gradual economic reactivation in tourist and leisure activities, the municipal president of Solidaridad, Laura Beristain Navarrete, reported that some businesses and offices can open to 30% of their capacity , applying the corresponding hygiene and safety protocols.Continue reading “Playa del Carmen & Puerto Aventuras Reactivate After COVID-19 Lockdown”

Decorating Your Home in Playa del Carmen

Decorating your home is always exciting. Certainly it will show how creative and/or practical you can be. It doesn’t matter if your style is minimalistic or extravagant and eclectic. In Playa del Carmen, it is easy to find elements to suit your vision. Since it is a place that welcomes people from every corner ofContinue reading “Decorating Your Home in Playa del Carmen”

Playacar Gated Community

Playacar is the perfect place for a family that wants privacy and a beautiful scenery. This gated community is preferred for its privileged location next to Playa del Carmen, its proximity to Cancun and important Mayan ruin sites. Defined by a well-conceived, low-density master plan, the community encompasses 310 hectares with white sugary beach, professional golf course,Continue reading “Playacar Gated Community”

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