5 Things to Do Before Investing in a Development

The Riviera Maya offers amazing options for business. There are condominium developments from  top to bottom and many more in their way.  Take a look at these 5 things to do before investing. Gather information Trust should be earned. A little research is always good before handing your first payment. Take in count the years ofContinue reading “5 Things to Do Before Investing in a Development”

Documents To List a Property

Prepare your documents and list your property! In order to prepare your listing to be represented by REMAX C Realty the following documents need to be shared with your agent either physically or electronically: Copy of the Fideicomiso (bank trust) or Escritura (Title) If owner is a Legal Entity Copy of the Legal Entity documentationContinue reading “Documents To List a Property”

The Notary and the Real Estate Transaction

Although the translation of “Notario” is “Notary Public,” the Notario in Latin American countries has a very different role than the notary in the United States or Canada, who authorizes signatures. The Mexican Notario is an attorney, who has passed a stringent examination. She/he has at least 3 years experience working in a Notaries and has been appointedContinue reading “The Notary and the Real Estate Transaction”

Condominium By-Laws in Mexico

A very important topic for us is the Condominium By-Laws in Mexico. This is how a condominium legally works and what are the rights and obligations of owners. Governing rules The condominium regime is a document granted before a notary public in Mexico and recorded with the Public Property Registry. The Condominium Regime contains theContinue reading “Condominium By-Laws in Mexico”

Mexican Anti-Money Laundering Law

Today we’re going to talk about the Mexican Anti-Money Laundering Law. The President of Mexico sent the bill of the Federal Law for Prevention and Identification of Transactions Involving Funds from Illegal Activities and used to Finance Terrorism (Mexican Anti Money Laundering Law). The bill is now effective as of Sep. 1, 2013 This billContinue reading “Mexican Anti-Money Laundering Law”