How The Use of Social Media Impacts The Expat Lifestyle

There’s no surprise in the affirmation that social media is one of the most important tools for business, social interaction and entertainment in today’s expat lifestyle.

expat lifestyle

Before becoming and expat

When you’re planning to move abroad, millions of questions run across your head.

  • “Is the place safe?
  • How’s the humidity?
  • Can I find this product I can’t live without?”

If you know someone actually living in the location you want to migrate to, the answers arrive quickly. Unfortunately, that option is not always that easy.

Joining online communities allow future expats to know everything they need before putting a foot in the new country.

If you’re analytic enough, you can even tell the age range of people living there, which defines the atmosphere of the place.

Following local news sources lets you keep up with all the information and also build your own criteria.

Your new expat lifestyle

Once you’ve moved to the place of choice, it’s all about networking. LinkedIn and Facebook provide a great source of employment information. Also, there are Facebook groups in each area dedicated specifically to the expats’ needs, such as general information, classified ads, real estate and even gardening or dating.

We’re part of many Facebook groups, but the one we suggest you is Real Estate-Expats in Playa del Carmen, with information of real estate and everything related in Riviera Maya.

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