Old Puerto Aventuras, Riviera Maya

The old Puerto Aventuras is so charming!

This is how our dear community used to look like many years ago.

We’ve been here since the beginning and we’re so honored to see how Puerto has grown in every way.

Puerto enchanted us with its white, sandy beaches. We couldn’t help but to lay there and enjoy the salty air.

The views of the Caribbean had (and still have) no comparison. Even the rocky beaches have their charm.

The emerald jungle contrasts with the whiteness of the “saskab” or white walkway in Mayan.

We loved Puerto so much that we didn’t go back! It’s been more than 15 years from that day and we couldn’t be happier.

After many years, Puerto has become a place for friends. Life here is relaxed and there’s always something to do.

Do you live here? Can you locate the area of your property?

old puerto aventuras 1
old puerto aventuras 2
old puerto aventuras 3
old puerto aventuras 4

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