The Astonishing Mysticism of the Ancient Tulum

The Ancient Tulum is one of the most beautiful among the Mayan cities placed all across the Yucatan Peninsula.
Its location is priviledged since it has direct views to the Mexican Caribbean, from a high spot.
Mayans trully knew what a great beachfront property means! LOL!

History and Legend of Ancient Tulum

Tulum was an important center for trade from both sea and land, from Honduras to the region now known as Quintana Roo, Mexico. It was also a ceremonial place, that made reverence to the Sun and the planet Venus. The main building, known as “The Castle” served as a lighthouse to the mayan sailors.

Its name used to be Zamá (dawn) but it was changed to Tulum (wall) apparently after found in ruins.

ancient tulum
The trees: Chechen (left) and Chaka (right)

One of the most beautiful legends about this ancient city, tells that it was the place where the first men lived, guarded by a vast, thick jungle. The fiercest defender of this Eden was the Chechen, a tree so powerful that anyone that dares to destroy him will get burnt. The only way to heal this wound is by using the bark from another tree that grows beside the Chechen: the Chaka.
That way, the forces were balanced and men were able to live in this paradise, peacefully.

The Chaka’s cure against the injuries caused by the Chechen is still used today by the local people.

Nowadays, the Ancient Tulum is part of a protected area that receives millions of visitors per year.

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