Why Exclusive Listings Sell Faster

You always hear that exclusive listings are sold faster than the “public ones”, but perhaps you’re still not certain why that is. The answer is pretty objective and understandable.

An exclusive listing sells faster because the real estate agent holding it invests lots of resources.

Of course, this happens because it becomes a serious business opportunity and a personal challenge. Otherwise, the motivation gets lost in the many agents, companies, and people interested in getting the commission.

exclusive properties are sold faster

Plus, due to the increment of the offer, to get more clients interested in the property, we have to use different marketing strategies.

They have to be completely customized, open and embrace diverse media. Such campaigns require more creative efforts and resources that only pay back if the property is managed as an exclusive.

Once the agent and the client commit to the exclusive (through contract), the agent proceeds to provide the following tools:

1.- Trustful information

Trustful information makes confident decisions. This way, the operation closes faster! You need to know the market price through a commercial value estimate of your property. Also, you need a tax strategy. Those are tools the real estate agent is able to provide through contact with field experts.

2.- Property expertise

With exclusive listings, the agent manages to gather more and more information and knows the property better each time he/she shows it.

This guarantees the potential buyer is receiving correct information.

3.- Branded Banner

Properties that have “for sale” banners with a specific brand get the most number of calls.

4.- Reach Millenials

This generation is the one that’s looking for a new home. Millennials are the generation that grew up with technology in the palm of their hands. Because of this, they’re more likely to find available properties in multiple media channels.

The use of social networks increases the probabilities of attracting millennials’ attention. Due to the fact that they’re all about the content, you can create videos,  animations, and whatever your imagination can bring to the table.

Do not hesitate and hire that professional photoshoot for your property. Remember great photos always sell!

5.- All the services in one place

Since one single agent manages the property information, you can find all that you need just talking to the person in charge. Even managing the keys is easier when only one office has them! This also increases security and protects your property.

Exclusive listings sell faster because you and the agent care about it.

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