What To Expect From Your Real Estate Agent

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling your first or your 10th home, you should know what to expect from your Real Estate Agent.

If you’re not familiar with the local market, selling a home requires lots of investigation. You will need to talk to other owners that have finished or are in the process of selling their property.

Every seller has different experiences. Hopefully, most of them have good ones, but a few will have great experiences and will not hesitate in recommending the agent that worked with them to reach their goal. Their feedback and reference are crucial when picking the right professional.

Who doesn’t want to hire a person that is easy to work with and, most importantly, will give you the results you need?

Now you wonder what to expect from a real estate agent in your area

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Values are important in every business. Take your time and interview your agent. Ask all the questions you need, follow your instincts and check the facts.


Showing up on time must be the first box to check! Punctuality also translates on respect. You’re making sure the agent values your time and interest.


How important is honesty in the Real Estate profession? Extremely! This is the first thing you should look after when interviewing an agent. Though we’re not lying-detectors we can find ways to tell if the person we’re talking to is telling the truth.

The first thing to do is asking for some references or ask for testimonials! If the agent cannot provide any of those may not be honest or may not have previous clients.

In Remax C Realty you can find some on our website, Google My Business, and Facebook.

Strong Negotiation Skills

The agent is the voice of the seller. A professional and experienced agent knows what to say and when to say it. Dialogue and, again, respect, is a golden rule. You’ll notice it when you speak to the agent for the first time. If the person has these, you’ll be sure that every part of the process will be managed carefully and intelligently. All this comes from our next topic.


Experienced real estate agents know the do’s and don’t of the practice like the palm of their hand. They listen to you, analyze the case and come with possibilities and scenarios.

Even if you’re in conversations with an apparently young real estate agent, he or she should have a consolidated company that backs them up. This is the place they learn their values from.

Business Connection

Most experienced agents will assist with hiring a photography service and staging of the property, as well as tips to improve your home so it’s more attractive to buyers. They’re in constant contact with lawyers, developers, and maintenance experts. They’re here to make the process as easy as possible.

This is a very short list of what to expect from a certified, professional real estate agent. Hopefully, we’re helping you make an easier decision!

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