How to Arrange a Property Viewing

Did you find a property you like and want to arrange a viewing? Or maybe you have something in mind and you would like to know the available options?

The process is pretty simple but there are some considerations to make.

Your intentions and purchasing probabilities play a very important part. If you’re not looking to buy in a short (or medium) term restrain yourself from arranging any property viewings for now. The market changes constantly so it’s very likely that when you’re ready to buy the conditions, laws and prices are different.

Moreover, if you just want to take a look at different neighborhoods it’s better to hire a transportation service and a driver to take you on a tour around the place. Please do not waste the agent’s and seller’s time!

Contact the person in charge of the property

Talking about landlords and owners, just give them a call and ask for an appointment. If you would like to do this through a real estate agent or company, they will gladly set the appointment for you.

The agent works in a logical organized manner. When contacted by prospective buyers, the agent is likely to ask the prospects to make an appointment to discuss their buying objectives.

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Share your ideas and expectations with your real estate agent.

The first meeting is a time for open discussion about the buyers’ plans. The agent will ask you about your preferred locations, as well as the size, style, and most importantly, the price range.

The process begins by the agent researching the local market to identify properties that meet the buyers’ requirements. This can take from hours to days, so be patient! The agent may then preview selected homes to further determine their suitability.

Next, an appointment is set to view such properties. This requires the agent to make contact with many different sellers, creating a complex schedule of viewing times and appointments.

Some places may be occupied so you would like to do this with anticipation. Avoid calling the night before!

Take in count that if you want to see several properties it’s probable you will have to do this in different days.

The day has arrived!

Now that your agent has set all the appointments, jump in the car and head up to the property. This is the exciting part so enjoy it! Don’t be shy and ask all the questions you need. The following are some to get you started.

What to ask during a property viewing
  • What’s included in the purchase, for example furniture, appliances, etc.
  • The neighborhood and its surroundings.
  • Policy on pets (in case of condo).
  • Management costs, condo fees. (in case of a condo or a private neighborhood).
  • Security and insurance.
  • Approximate cost of utilities (electricity, water, etc).
What to check during a home viewing

You can always prepare a checklist to take with you and review during the visit.

  • Have a good look in all rooms and storage space
  • Check light switches, taps.
  • Inspect appliances and confirm what the property comes with.
  • Check for signs of damp and any other damage. 
  • Review windows, locks and the overall security.
  • Take some photos of the property so you can look back on them after the viewing 

Are you ready to arrange a property viewing? Contact us and let’s find you your dream home!

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