Finding The Right Piece of Real Estate

finding the right piece of real estate services riviera maya

Finding the right piece of Real Estate is a process that can be as short or as long depending on certain choices to make along the way.

finding the right piece of real estate in riviera maya

The Agents

Even though agents in our area are more open to share their listings, you still can face the possibility of finding those who are strictly commission-oriented.

These agents are usually unwilling to show you other properties that their own listings.

For almost 3 years there has being an attempt to place an MLS listing system in place, here you will find the same property is listed by different agents.

Take a look at our article about what to expect from a real estate agent.

Beware that many times information is not updated in timely basis and the property may be off the market.

Many property owners choose to list their properties with various agencies and pricing and information depends on whom you are talking to.

When buying property make sure you deal with a reputable realtor and ask see to the updated pricing and information.

Review the building specifications so you can get the value for your money.

More than never developers also contact the different brokerage offices willing to work with the local agencies.

This is due to the large property inventory available to buyers.

Buyer representation is stronger these days as competition is increasing.

Some of the developers come with their own ideas of design and pricing and later on they disappoint themselves when their already-built properties don’t sell as they thought they would.

Notice that many, in order to accomplish a good return on their investments, offer loft-like building with a lot of sun exposure. This makes it a real `oven-like living experience.

Expect to pay a lot for electricity as in the summer months your bill can be really high. 

Amenities to look for while finding the right piece of real estate

A lot of developments look alike but offer different amenities.

We personally love the ones with bigger closet space, kitchen appliances included in pricing, and private rooftops.

Parking has become an issue. The latest trend is underground parking. Just make sure you can make a turn and really fit a medium size car.

Lots of developments now include a fitness room or even a yoga temple.

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